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OÖN from 12.7.2021

"... and above all the wonderfully naive, defiant, exalted Maria Lohn as Madame Jourdain...".

Tips from 19.7.2021

"Maria Lohn inspires as a swirling and screamingly comical force of nature (she plays the title character)..."

Theatania from 11.8.2014

"Maria Lohn plays a wonderfully shrill, bitter Lady Capulet, who you never see without a drink in hand. At the  Page by Robert G. Neumayr

(as Capulet) she provides a laugh or two tonight."


Wiener Zeitung from August 1st, 2014

"The mother (marvelously destroyed Maria Lohn) is completely subservient to the father and has taken refuge in alcohol and nicotine while the drama unfolds around her."


The standard from 26.7.2014

"In the peacock dressing gown, the drinking Lady Capulet (Maria Lohn) acts almost as a female Louis de Funes..."


Courier of 10/24/2013

"Maria Lohn is brilliant as someone who feels attracted to Werther and yet the 

Lotte wanting to remain faithful to her fiancée Albert." from 25.10.2013

"On the way he meets her, the epitome of all his wishes and 

Longing: Lotte (enchanting, of course: Maria Lohn)."

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